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Don Guarnieri (CM Board of Directors): “I met Susannah of Creative Migration at a presentation several years ago and was immediately intrigued with her approach to present and producing art and shepherding artists toward their goals. I joined as an advisor and eventually became a board member because I believe in the importance of the CM mission.

CM’s mission is global and forward reaching. It’s entrepreneurial approach is essential for artists trying to navigate the world as it is
and will be. CM has consistently challenged the status quo and found innovative solutions to new issues. Breaking new ground is not just a phrase for CM. It’s the core mission of the organization.”

Juri Zaech (Graphic Designer): I love how Creative Migration bridges art, culture and environmental action. Every project is such an inspiration, you can feel the dedication and passion. Susannah is a force of nature!

Mathilde Fallot: (Graphic Designer, POST NEW BILLS): “Creative Migration is an amazing organization. Susannah Tantemsapya is a very curious and open minded person, she is working hard to bring to the world projects that make sense, that help bringing awareness about climate change in a fun, educational and creative way.

I worked with her years ago on a project and it was one of my most exciting professional experiences to this day.”

Rennie Silva (US State Department): I first discovered Creative Migration and it’s work in 2020, and connected with its executive director, Susannah Tantemsapya shortly thereafter.

Creative Migration is truly unique as an organization in how it draws on art and culture to address global challenges, advances cultural diplomacy, and changes the way audiences think about the world and how individuals and communities relate to each other.

I don’t know of any other non-profit that plays this role, and this is largely due to Susannah’s vision and creative energy - I learn and gain new perspectives from working with her and following Creative Migration. I look forward to watching it continue to grow and undertake new projects!

Sam Rubin (YEA! Impact & Hollywood Climate Summit): Creative Migration is building bridges at the intersection of sustainability and the arts, inspiring a new generation of creators with its focus on transmedia and elevating excluded voices in the Global South. I have deep respect and admiration for their work and ongoing commitment to create hubs and residencies for underserved communities.

As a young impact producer myself, I am personally inspired by Susannah's work and I can't wait to continue collaborating with her network of amazing creators and frontline activists.

Interns & Volunteers

Aruzhan Shalabayeva: “Having interned for Creative Migration for over two months, I can attest that the experience has been nothing but positive! I believe that Creative Migration's approach of combining cultural and climate diplomacy is both innovative and effective, and I hope to see it flourish! I've learned both hard and soft skills in the process, deep diving into the behind-the-scenes work of a non-profit, and got to contribute in developing CM's Climate Policy, which was a huge honor and a great learning experience.

It was a pleasure to work with Susannah Tantemsapya, CM's founder, who approaches what she does with both empathy and level-headedness - she has a lot of expertise to share and a personal touch! I also appreciated that CM worked closely with other non-profits, creating a sense of collaboration and unity. I am happy that I was chosen as an intern for CM, and I hope our paths cross in the future!”

Genevieve Soh: “I interned with Creative Migration for 3 months and my internship experience has been truly memorable and rewarding! Looking back, my work with the organisation has been nothing short of insightful, fun and fulfilling. From communications to data research, I have learnt a myriad of soft and hard skills across these months that I'm eager to utilise in college and in future occupations!

Susannah is an incredibly humble, friendly and sincere person, and I have learnt so much about the eye-opening works of non-profits and the Arts from her professional guidance. Creative Migration possesses an inspiring workplace culture of inclusivity, warmth and resilience, achieving visionary endeavours with a remarkable and original mission for a great cause. I'm immensely grateful to have had this opportunity to grow and learn from such an amazing organisation and mentor, and I would love to continue working with Creative Migration again in the future!”

Vyshnavi Koppolu: “I interned with Creative Migration for 3 months, and I loved every aspect of my experience working there. Creative Migration has a brilliant and unique mission for a great cause that opened me to a completely new world that intersected between the arts and non-profits; I gained so much insight in different ways on how to run a non-profit organization at an international level.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend and participate in exciting events as well as connect with various people from across the globe. Susannah and Jasmin are amazing, inspiring, and such humble people to work with - I couldn't have asked for better mentors! Will truly cherish this experience as it helped me grow both professionally and personally.”

William Warrener: “I've been incredibly impressed with Creative Migration's ability to flexibly respond to opportunities that align with it's core values - promoting creative connections and sustainability. Most of all, it's core team pays detailed regard to the individual artistic personalities that it works with on each respective project; from my insights as a volunteer, its Director's great strength lies in incorporating her personal artistic passion to skillfully bring people together and facilitate new collaborations.”

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