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Susannah Tantemsapya is the Founder and Executive Director of Creative Migration, a women-of-color-led, international arts organization focused on cultural and climate diplomacy, based in Los Angeles and Bangkok.

Her most ambitious endeavor to date is Bangkok 1899, a cultural & civic hub in Thailand that was established in 2019 with major support from the Ford Motor Company Fund and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Since 2021, she has served on the Convening Team of Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA), a global collaborative initiative supported by UN Climate Change and UNESCO.

Susannah is also on the Advisory Board of the Hollywood Climate Summit, a Global Ambassador & Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), on Tatler’s Gen.T Asia List (2019), a Founding Member of Soho House Bangkok and an advisor for the exhibition Brackish Water Los Angeles (Getty: Pacific Standard Time 2024). 

Creative Migration is a women-of-color-led, international arts organization based in Los Angeles and Bangkok.

Founded by Susannah Tantemsapya in 2005, our mission is to bring together cultural and climate diplomacy with a special focus on collaborative community building through intersectional practices. 

“Creative Migration's intelligent, empathetic, innovative, and deeply-engaged director, Susannah Tantemsapya has leant enormous insight, creative insight, and enviable expertise to several projects I have had the privilege to collaborate with her upon.

Between independent film projects, artistic residencies, public art installations and business consultancy, Susannah's extensive experience within the cultural sector, her empathy with multiple stakeholders, and her visionary direction of creative projects within and beyond Creative Migration, all ensure her work, and that of Creative Migration, continues to catalyse and sustain, transformative cross-cultural, transnational initiatives, dialogues, and collaborations.

Realising innovative creative visions from inception, production and execution, Susannah remains a contemplative, accessible collaborator, one I cannot more emphatically recommend, both personally and professionally.”

- Kingston Trinder, Great Nonprofits

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Creative Migration established Bangkok 1899 as a new cultural and civic hub representing an intersection of art, design, urbanism and social innovation.

Our historic location, Ban Chao Phraya Thammasakmontri, originally built in 1899, was designed by Italian architect Mario Tamagno. His most famous work includes Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Neilson Hays Library and Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong). For the very first time, this landmark is open to the public.

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